How Covid has been a Blessing in my life!

We made it. Yes, we made it through one of the most challenging years of our lives. I can honestly say I am speaking for everyone on this planet! I am honored to be participating during this time of uncertainty, but… I have not always felt this way. It’s been damn hard at times, out right jaw clenching.

Times like this can bring out the worst and best in us. Yes we are ” human” but I would like to focus on what has unwrapped for me. I have not missed a day of morning meditation since this began and I can honestly say I am calmer than I have ever been. I am more loving compassionate, kind and aware. There is that saying: Count your blessings.. this is my blessing. To honor one’s experience is to honor life! For me it has been a time of self reflection, simplification and re focusing on what matters most in life. I’ve been reminded time and time again we can think the good thoughts but taking action is needed to make an impact. I’ve discovered doing the things I love is important and not wasting my precious life energy on things that don’t bring a smile to my face. I have also redefined some career opportunities as well.

Most important thing has been Self-care which includes proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and rest. Being at the top of my A-game does not matter so much, not like it use to. What matters is “Did I love today, Was I kind to myself, Did I give support to another human being!. What if the hardest times bring out the sweetest blessings.

I have found that most people want to be listened to and they don’t want to be told what to do. To respond and not react is an art in of itself. Most of the time people will find their own solutions by speaking out loud. When someone else is going thru a difficult time does not mean I need to agree or rescue another but gently saying to another: I am sorry you feel that way while knowing it’s okay she or he is feeling this way and I do not need to match their energy.

So I will leave you with this: the most important thing I did today was eat some pickles but not with ice-cream. Haha! Oh Yeah Laughter has helped me through the bumps on the road!

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