What Does It Take To Break The Shell

For me it goes like this ~ I have had enough and I feel beat up and I cannot take it anymore!  I am sick and tired of wearing everyone else’s truth.  So, here I am listening to everyone else but not listening to myself.  I call this my greater self, my Soul.  When life shakes you on top of your head and I say to myself – Enough-. It is like a volcano erupting with lava and fire.  Yes,  I have made everyone else more important than myself.  Yes,  I have been meeting the demands of everyone but myself.  Yes,  I have given my power away to everyone else.   I was looking to everyone else for the answers when in fact they have been inside me all along.  Thank goodness!!  I  thought I was giving up but in fact I was giving in to my infinite potential which is unfolding this very moment.

Freedom will arrive and it is all inside.  My/your soul knows the truth of it’s existence!  Spiritual distress is put to the test.  Trust your God and go to your God for answers and guidance.  Believe in something bigger than who you believe yourself to be.  Your inner voice is all you need and know that it will all be okay.  BELIEVE!  Return again, return to the breathe of your Soul.  My dear sweet friends your Soul knows the truth.    The voices in my head creates conflict of everyone else’s truth but my own.

In this lifetime I always wanted to do what I came here to do.  We are all the same and there is no difference between any one of us.  I now declare guidance from my Soul to give me the wisdom to move forward.  I pause and remember what to say and not what the world wants me to say.

Posted on by Anne Lamantia


Letting go is forgiveness.  A willingness not to hold onto the so-called injustice. Breathing deeply and seeing it for what it is.  Tip-toeing out of my box and in to something bigger and brighter.  Neale Donald Walsh has shared a wonderful quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  I believe this to be true.  Life does begin at the end of one’s comfort zone.   I’ve noticed my energy flows in harmony, I feel lighter and calmer.  I become more aware of when I am in resistance with life and when I am trying to fix other’s, and pointing out there faults.  My business is with myself and myself only.  This is the path to freedom.
Freeing myself from the chains that kept me living in my comfort zone.  I feel alive when I step outside my comfort zone.  There is more space inside of me to tap into my authentic self, to live fully, to do what I came here to do.  It’s not about fixing yourself or others but to allow yourself to be where you are.  This includes feeling your feelings and allowing your beliefs to be exactly where they are.    Giving them space to hold themselves accountable.

We live in Martyship when we feel we have to fix others or remind them of their injustices.  Are we not that too?  We are part of the whole.  We are that too.  So why not begin anew and being responsible for ourselves and being accountable.  This is where true power dwells.  I relax, let go, my cells are in harmony, breathing is rhythmic, energy flows through my body and restores oxygen and fresh blood to those areas that were constricted before.  I also relinquish parts of my self that was not heard before.  Now I trust and listen to that part I was blocking or avoiding.  This is transcendence in its finest.  I am willing to allow, let go and be heard by my inner knowing and more importantly Trust the process.  For me , this i what feeling alive is all about!  Allowing my feelings to surface and to trust the process.