Acceptance is the Key to Forgiveness

When we accept ourselves no matter what grievance we hold against ourselves forgiveness  happens.  Forgiveness includes perceived past wrongdoings or anything we hold ourselves hostage to.  I have found this has been the biggest offering I have given myself.  When I accept blame and shame drops away.  Love enters this space.    Maybe this is the kingdom of heaven.  Stories we tell ourselves are no longer relevant.  Inner peace and harmony is restored and life does not seem difficult.  IMG_2343.JPG

Many words can describe acceptance.  Allowing, being with what is, loving what arises, appreciation and letting go.  It may also include to stop, slow down and breathe.  This will bring you in the present moment and you may be surprised what may arise.  Maybe it is an emotion that you distracted yourself from feeling.  If we all took the time to breathe, relax and allow just imagine what kind of world we would have.

It is Only The Simple Things That Matter

Smiling, Laughing and witnessing the birth of a child, seeing the pain and anguish in others.  This is what I am about.   It is more about the little things, meaningful things that tug at my heart strings.  I am so grateful to be part of this orchestration called life.  As of this moment I think of the word “Allegorically” ~ what this word means via dictionary is “That there is more to something than it appears.”  We are human but more than that we are “spiritual.”  We are unquantifiable.  We are mustering through our lives as if we are only human but their is a “play” that is playing out beyond what I can only imagine.  This in of itself is enough.  You have free choice to participate with Joy, grace and ease.  No one can take this away from you.  This is your birthright.   Breathe into it and feel your expansion and freedom.  I am feeling alive and glad to be a part of this play that I am in.  Or as a wise friend of mine once said to me ~ Panache~ part of the unfoldment.

Posted on by Anne Lamantia