How a “Boating” accident impacted my family!

I was in an boating accident on the weekend of July 4th, 2017.  In my wildest dreams I never thought this would happen to me, worse yet my entire family (except my son).  My children are in their 20’s.  Intuition is powerful ~ When I stepped on the boat I had a feeling to not go on the boat ride but my stubbornness overrode this feeling.

We came upon a boat that needed towing.   I immediately said “yes” which is not like me.  I sat at the tip of the boat with 2 of Megan’s (my daughter) friends.  We threw a line to the boat and it was probably 3 minutes into the tow when myself and the 2 other gals had a premonition something was about to happen!  …and out of the blue “my husband says they are going to hit us.”  I looked up and saw a boat headed straight towards us.  No time to think or do anything.  They hit the right side of our boat where my husband was driving and ripped out the right side of our boat.  Thankfully we all survived.

We stood there in disarray for a moment and it was completely quite.  The windshield on the right and left side of the boat was shattered in very small pieces and my thought was.  .. oh know someone died! I began to panic as I saw blood on myself and some of the others.  My eyes were open but I did not want to see.   I did a head check and everyone was accounted for.    I saw Megan’s friend crying and she wanted to get out of the boat.  Yep, I felt responsible for everyone!  Always a mother!  I was scared due to the fact I did not know if someone got injured very badly.  Everyone was scared, in shock and crying, even my husband who never shows his feelings.  I was confused because the boat that hit us stayed at bay and did not even offer to help.  Eventually someone did come to help and got the girls who were crying off the boat and towed us into land.  Grateful there was no injures to the boat we were towing but one quick look I could see that they were also in shock.

When I arrived on land I was very grateful and was relieved I was no longer on the boat. From what I saw everyone had that feeling!  I felt powerless due to the fact I saw my daughter crying and some of her friends.  I felt sad that we had this experience.  What I noticed within myself is that I could not form a sentence.  I did this for a few days.  Fear, and anger was my best friend.  It was hard to comprehend what had happened.

Several of us went to the hospital and everything was okay.  What kept going through my mind was how precious life is and it could be gone in an instant!  I also realized none of us were meant to die.

On the way back to my Lake House I was scared that we were going to get in a car accident and my daughter’s felt like that too.  When I arrived back to the house we were humbled, frightened and grateful for this experience.   It’s been 6 months and yesterday I finally (6 months later)  I went to the Lake House and I was glad I did cuz I cried and cried the fears and emotions of what had happened came barreling in.  I had no idea of the amount of fear I carried around with me for 6 months.  that I had that was crippling me until I came face to fa



What Does It Take To Break The Shell

For me it goes like this ~ I have had enough and I feel beat up and I cannot take it anymore!  I am sick and tired of wearing everyone else’s truth.  So, here I am listening to everyone else but not listening to myself.  I call this my greater self, my Soul.  When life shakes you on top of your head and I say to myself – Enough-. It is like a volcano erupting with lava and fire.  Yes,  I have made everyone else more important than myself.  Yes,  I have been meeting the demands of everyone but myself.  Yes,  I have given my power away to everyone else.   I was looking to everyone else for the answers when in fact they have been inside me all along.  Thank goodness!!  I  thought I was giving up but in fact I was giving in to my infinite potential which is unfolding this very moment.

Freedom will arrive and it is all inside.  My/your soul knows the truth of it’s existence!  Spiritual distress is put to the test.  Trust your God and go to your God for answers and guidance.  Believe in something bigger than who you believe yourself to be.  Your inner voice is all you need and know that it will all be okay.  BELIEVE!  Return again, return to the breathe of your Soul.  My dear sweet friends your Soul knows the truth.    The voices in my head creates conflict of everyone else’s truth but my own.

In this lifetime I always wanted to do what I came here to do.  We are all the same and there is no difference between any one of us.  I now declare guidance from my Soul to give me the wisdom to move forward.  I pause and remember what to say and not what the world wants me to say.

Posted on by Anne Lamantia