Tower Of London



Day 3 – June 11, 2016 – Tower of London & City Sights

Tower of London was one of my favorite sites to visit during my 2 week tour.  I was overwhelmed by the enormity of it.  It is a City in of itself!  I always thought the tower was fictional….boy was i wrong!!!!!   When I stepped foot on the land I couldn’t wait to see what this tower was all about.  I was in shock and excited all at once.   I wanted to know why this tower still stood after 100s of years, and yes my friends what happened there was real.

I love taking photos of doors and I was in the right place to witness these old doors.  The picture below is called “Traitors Gate.”

The gate was built by Edward I.  This gate was a water gate to provide entrance to the Tower.  It provided additional accommodation for the royal family. … The name TraitorsGate has been used since 1544 or sooner.



Above is the armor and weapons that was used 100’s of years ago.  This is only a snapshot of the gallery.

History of  Tower of London:

  1.  Located in Central London
  2.  Housing the Crown Jewels.  Crown Jewels are the most popular attraction.  The Jewels include the crowns worn by the monarch at coronation and at the opening of Parliament.  Unfortunately, most of the Royal regalia was destroyed in the mid 17th Century.
  3.  Records office
  4. Barracks and armory for troops
  5. Royal residence
  6. Prison
  7. Museum
  8. 900 year old Castle
  9. It was a place where wild animals were kept for 600 years.  Elephants, Ostriches, Lions, Polar Bears etc.   The animals where given as gifts to the monarch during that time.

William the Conqueror started the Tower in the early 1080’s.  The Tower was continuously being built into the 16th century.  It was built to signify Norman Power.  The tower encompasses over 12 acres.  Monarchs and common criminals were imprisoned in the tower.  Sons of Edward the 1V were killed there (2 Princes) and Henry the 8th wives – Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard were both imprisoned and executed.  In the late 18th & 19th centuries, the tower was used less for prisoners.


The White Tower:



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