Life Force Energy

I am doing a course right now called “Life Force Energy” given by Panache Desai, he is a vibrational catalyst.  He always says “change  your energy and change your life.”   I have been on the receiving end for 5 years now and I would say this is absolutely true.  I have been in challenging situations in my life and not speaking up has done me a dis-service BUT the good news is I am learning to “Do things Differently.”  My breaking point has been Full Blown Rage!!!  Call me a rage-aholic, hehe.

Being empathic can have it’s downfalls.  Be nice, love and light.  Yep – Pure Bullshit!!!!  I am learning and continue to learn to be honest of how I feel and sometimes that means not interacting with certain people.  This course “Life Force Energy” is a wake up call for me due to the fact I can feel in my body where the blockage is.  It is painful but the good news is I am healing and I am aware where in my body I have held my anger, sadness and rage.  Yep if you do not feel your feelings it will manifest in the physical body.  I can attest to that!

What I can do to help heal this part of myself.  1.  Feel

2.  Don’t keep tract of what happened

3.  Confront the person or talk to a friend

about it.

4.  Vibrational Tranformation

I also believe this part of myself that did not have permission to express began in my childhood.  I believe it is also a culmination of what I have witnessed over the years and how I have felt about situations and standing up for people.  We are now in a time where “enough is enough”.  We see it economically, politically, globally and playing out in our own homes.  It starts with each and every one of us.  Coming together  and seeing where we are more alike than different.  If not now than when!!!

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