Does the environment affect our digestive system?

I’ve come to realize that our environment plays such a huge role on my digestive system.  What I mean is I went to the nail salon today and I almost passed out with thTreese smell of the environment and my stomach found it offensive.  I had to leave and get some fresh air.  It made me wonder how often we are bombarded by toxins and don’t even know it.  Taking care of ourselves involves not only being mindful of the foods we ingest, exercise and releasing emotions but environmental hazards as well.  Research has shown that computers and cell phones disrupt our electro-magnetic fields.  We keep a clean body by bathing and I believe we have to keep a clean energy field.  Outside stimuli is the new norm and it is unfortunate.

Take the time to slow down, breathe and relax.  Nourish your system with good foods and find time to nourish your soul, whatever that may be ~ nature, having fun or being creative.

Posted on March 20, 2015 by Anne Lamantia

Digestive Health

According to the Mayo Clinic on Digestive Health.  Digestion is one of the critical functions that your body has to perform in order to survive.  Food supplies the necessary nutrients that provide your cells with sustenance and energy, allowing your body to grow and develop, and to repair and maintain itself.

This is what I have come to know about healthy digestion:

1.  What are you thinking while you are eating?  For example if you are angry or sad your body is registering this and this will impact how your food is digested.

2.  Be mindful of your conversation and the stimulus that is around you.  ie.  What are your distractions?  Television, conversation that you are having with others or the conversation you are having with yourself.

3.  Notice the portion of food you put on your plate and are you introducing different food groups?  Do you sit down and eat or eat on the run?  Do you eat at regular times throughout the day?

4.  Intuition plays a key role for me.  I eat 3 meals a day and snack in the mid morning and snack in the mid afternoon and also before I go to bed because I know my body needs this in order to sustain myself.  I make it a habit to snack on fruits and veggies and cut back on sugar.  It’s important to get the nutrients to sustain my mental and physical health.

5.  I have tried many diets and concluded that it is important to trust what I know my body needs and this includes eating more meat on some days, drinking more water and introducing fruits and vegetables.  Some days I crave Mexican food and I just go with it.

6.  I believe evolution plays a key role.  I am now 50 and menopausal and my eating habits have changed or better yet I remind myself to take better care of myself with my eating habits.

7.  Best diet for me has been the Mediterranean diet.  This includes reduction of carbs and sugars.  Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and drinking plenty of water.

What I have noticed with this change of diet:

1.  Better digestion and more energy.

2.  Snacking before bed assists with digestion, increasing metabolism and maintaining blood sugar level.

3.  Supplementation with vitamins and minerals is important.  Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium is important to all of the organs.  These minerals are excreted on a daily basis.

Posted on by Anne Lamantia