Soul Integration

Is It Empty Nest Syndrome or Abandonment?

I have been feeling abandoned since my last child left for College in the fall. It just shows me I have more work to do to integrate my Soul-to bring my “orphan” home. My outside circumstances only reflects of what is happening on the inside.  I’m trusting, allowing,  and giving my abandoned child a voice to shed light on the situation and to mother her. I’m allowing her to grieve the loss she feels.  To “heal” is to “feel”.

An empty space inside of me needs to be filled. I’m becoming familiar with this space and learning to love it. I have no choice.  It’s reeling me in to discover parts of myself I did not know existed. I no longer resist it but embrace it.  This is Soul Integration at it’s best! Maybe one should call it “Empty Space” instead of “Empty Nest.”

Posted on by Anne Lamantia

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