Cilantro; Removes Toxic Heavy Metals!

I have been surprised to find out that there is a food that removes heavy metals and toxins.  Not one of us is exempt of having heavy metals in our systems, particularly the liver.  Heavy metals come in the form of aluminum, nickel and copper.  Just imagine over a life time drinking soda out of a can or eating foods from an aluminum can.  Also the apparatus we use to cook and serve food.  The list goes on and on.  I was elated to know there is a way to rid these chemicals from our bodies.

What is Cilantro?  It is an Herb and is also called coriander and Chinese parsley.

Benefits of eating Cilantro:

1.  Detoxifys the brain.

2.  Extracts heavy metals, toxins from body systems and organs, in particular the liver.

3.  Supports the Adrenals.

4.  Balance blood glucose levels.

5.  Helps with memory issues, brain fog.

6.  Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial.

7.  Supports chronic or undiagnosed illness.

8.  Many other benefits.

*  Anthony William a best selling author has written a book called:  Life-Changing Foods.  IfMM your interested in a in-depth description of this go to his book and read about Cilantro.

According to Anthony William living water comes from its stems and leaves of cilantro.  It passes the Blood-Brain- Barrier and in the living water are minerals called, potassium, sodium and chloride and are bound to potent phytochemicals.  These salts travel all throughout the body.  They bind to amino acids forming neurotransmitters.  Phytochemicals are responsible for removing Toxic Heavy Metals from the brain .

Foods to eat with Cilantro:


-My favorite shake:  1 handful of Cilantro

1 Cup of Wildblueberries

  1 Banana

  Orange Juice


-Works for any salad

– Used as a garnish for any vegetable or meat.



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