Traveling Abroad, England, Ireland & Scotland

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the UK and Northern Ireland with a group of wonderful people from the East Coast on a Tour with CIE.  I hesitated doing a tour knowing how much I like to be in control…but knowing I did not have to make any arrangements such as booking hotels and places to visit was a big relief.  My 2 week agenda was all taken care of and so was my breakfast and dinners.

Our first stop was in London!  I had the opportunity to ride on a Panoramic Bus to visit famous landmarks in Central London. Taking pictures was not a problem because of this.     What I liked most about this City Tour was the history and the buildings dating back to the 1080’s.   I was awestruck!  My favorite sight was the “Tower of London” ~  The Tower was started in the early 1080’s by William the Conqueror.  As time went on Palace buildings were being added into the 16th century.  Check out the picture below and know that is only a snapshot of the enormity of it.   Over the years so much went on in the castle such as keeping prisoners, executions of 3 english Queens , Coins were made there for England and so much more.  I definitely would go back for their was so much I did not see.

“Tower of London”


Our tour came to a close in Liverpool, England where Paul McCartney and John Lennon lived.  We were able to tour their homes AND Penny Lane is a real Street.

I was surprised that we ate the same food for breakfast in England, Ireland and Scotland.  Sausage, bacon, eggs, bread and baked beans were the staple items.  I loved the Irish Stew in Ireland and skipped out on “Haggis” in Scotland.  Hotels and accommodations were excellent.  Everything ran so smoothly.  There was not one hiccup.  If your itching to go “Just Do It”.

Scotland was one of my favorite places in the UK.  The mountains, villages, Castles and hills are something to marvel at.  It really is as beautiful as it looks on television.   A second trip is on my agenda.  Ireland was beautiful as well.  There was no place where I did not see beauty!  The Cliffs of Moher will put you in “awe” and the grounds where the Blarney Castle nestles was jaw dropping.  Ireland really is an historic place.  History goes back to the Roman times and the Castles are still standing. I would go back just to visit the Castles in a heartbeat.



“The Cliffs of Moher”





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