The Art of Allowing

When you allow yourself to be, feel, think good, bad or indifferent an opening occurs.  I guess another name one would call it is ACCEPTANCE.      “Whatever wants to come forward  let it you won’t regret it!   When you “allow” your light shines, breathing softens and everything seems to flow from you and to you.     When we hold on too tightly to the past it only creates “misery.”   You can achieve what you believe!  Notice if you are taking things personally and if you are that’s okay ” just notice.”  No one is out to get ya!

Allow, allow, allow and please don’t howl! hehehe.  Everyone is on your side, not the flop side but on the flip side so please don’t hide.  Allowing can set yourself free.  So box your serious side up and send it on it’s way.   Allowing frees up emotions, repairs the soul, erases all doubt and eases the mind.

Allowing opens the door for things to be seen, cobwebs are cleared and your perception can take on a whole new meaning.   When you allow your “grip” loosens, it elevates your mood and tinkers with your groove.  It gives you the mojo that you may need it’s like planting a seed where the soil is ripe so therefore you won’t  gripe!.  So keep it simple that way you won’t grow a pimple.  Allowing points you in the direction of not taking yourself to serious and than you become delerious and that can be hilarious.


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