Living Your Authentic Truth

It is not a straight road to be authentic.  In fact there has been many of twists and turns along the way.  We live in a world where we are shunned or rejected when we speak from the heart.  I have learned it is not about fixing, healing or changing myself.  This only creates frustration.  My blueprint for authenticity is….  Being radically honest with myself and others.  It began with food choices.  I realized what I really wanted was water instead of coffee.  I believe it was the the taste of coffee I was addicted to.  As I learned to honor my food choices I realized where I was not honoring other areas of my life.  The word ” Integrity” came to mind.  I was aligning myself with people, places and scenarios which did not serve me..   I wanted to be liked.  I was a people pleaser.  I had to stand up for myself and say “NO”.   “True to thine own self.”

The ingredients to being  authentic also include: Commitment, Courage, and Perseverance.  There have been many times when I considered myself a “failure” but I would not let that define me it is only a part of me.  I had to learn to make friends with my EGO and see it for what it was.  I have learned and I am still learning to turn my attention toward what is true and right for me.  I call that my inner knowing.  I learned how to set myself straight and that required Courage.  Courage to blaze my own trail.  The courage to know what gave me joy, ease and grace.  I believe I was such a people pleaser to the extent that I let other peoples needs come before mine.  I considered myself selfish when in fact it is the opposite.  I am learning to embrace what I love and when I do that I feel Joy!  In fact it is as simple as laughing whole heartily.  Imagine the implications it has on the people around you.  When you shift your energy you shift your life.  It is the small things in life that matter the most.  It’s not about going to a third world country to feed the hungry.

When Fear arises let it.  When Anger arises let it.  When Sadness arises let it.  The opposite of resistance is allowing.  You would have considered me the “resistance queen”,  I resisted everything in life.  Why?  I was afraid.  I was afraid to make a mistake, to be judged, to be vulnerable.  I finally had to make the decision to be myself.  As I allowed myself to feel I started to feel healthier and started to accept myself.  My confidence muscle was growing.  I was less afraid to speak up for rejection of what others may say.   It wasn’t about changing myself  or anyone else but being okay for what is presenting itself in any given moment.

A wise friend once told me we are more alike than different.

Be the change!





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