Potterfield Bridge in Richmond, Virginia


A friend recently told me about the Potterfield Bridge located in Downtown Richmond.  It is a pedestrian walkway connecting Brown’s Island to South Richmond.   She mentioned that the view was spectacular and their is always people walking with their pets.

Honestly,  I hardly ever venture outside out of my comfort zone.  I have been living in Virginia for 20 years and I always walk my dog (Kali) on the same path.  Today we took a different path.   So off I went with my Golden Retriever, Kali.  When I first arrived I was a little hesitant to my surroundings but was immediately reassured by someone that this area was very safe and you will be surrounded by people who bike and walk here.  sheew..

The walk to the bridge was very short and I was amazed of the view when I arrived to Potterfield Bridge.  Kali stopped in her tracks when we stepped foot on the bridge, she sensed the running water underneath the bridge and became somewhat anxious.  This only lasted a second and as we walked across the bridge she received a lot of love and attention from strangers.    To my amazement on the other side of the bridge is the Civil War Museum.  Again, I have lived in Richmond for 20 years and this was a discovery for me or one could look at it as an adventure!

If your looking to get out of your comfort zone and want an adventure than visiting this area may be the perfect thing to do!


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